The Skills You Need To Succeed in 2019

2019 is fast approaching and it feels like 2018 just flew past. The end of a year is a constant reminder for us to review our past year and what we have achieved. It is also a good time to check up on what we can improve on and what we can take forward with us for the new year.

In addition to that, a new year can also be about learning new skills and also improving on the tools you already have now. Succeeding in your career isn’t easy if you just do the same things everyday. With the ever-changing world, you will need to be on top of a lot of these skills to make sure you get a high paying job or excel in the current job that you are in.

These are some of the skills we feel that you should have to ensure you succeed in 2019 :

Entrepreneurial Spirit

With the entire world becoming more understanding of bootstrapped startups and raising funds for your new company, everyone will start looking for that entrepreneurial spirit when they want to hire. This is only because with that spirit, comes a lot of ideas and people who have this will have a very different mindset compared to the average person.

When you have an entrepreneurial spirit, you will also have a much more analytical mind and this way you can easily take over complicated tasks at the office. With that you can showcase to your superiors that you are capable of making high level decisions that will aid in the company’s efforts to becoming better in the industry.



Everyone is a consumer and consumers love to consume. People usually like to consume things that are more creative like tv shows and movies. However, when it comes to a skill your way through tough situations. Being creative also shows that you are proactive and can get your way out of sticky situations that might not have worked well with a conventional solution.


Couple problem solving with creativity and the entrepreneurial spirit and you will definitely be the talk of the town. When it comes to working in a team of people, you need to be able to have a logical approach to solving problems. This will greatly help whenever you or your teammates reach a point in the work where you can’t go past because of a blocker. If you are able to be creative and problem solve then, you might be able to come around some really unconventional and cool solutions to an age-old problem.


People Management

Some of us may be introverts and managing people might not be something that you would want to do. However, if you are in a team and you need to deal with more people, you will need to learn how to people manage. The misconception is that you will only need to manage people when you are a manager, however, even if you are someone in a junior position, you would need to learn how to manage people as well. This is because you need to be intuitive enough to manage your boss as well as your teammates so that you can all work collaboratively.

In addition to soft skills, sometimes you will need to work on skills that are software or program related. For example, SSM released their MBRS tool earlier this year and it is slated to help all companies and businesses improve their annual returns reporting as well as their EA reports. To ensure that your team is ready for this amazing upgrade, please make sure that they attend these workshops to get certified today.


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