The Disadvantages of Online Workshops/Seminars

In our previous article, we looked at the advantages of online workshops and seminars. We want to always ensure that our readers get both sides of the coin so we will be highlighting some of the disadvantages of online workshops.

Online education has certainly taken the world by storm and it does seem that it is the next way forward when it comes to education. Another great thing to note is that online education is not only limited to college students or full time university goers – anyone who has an internet connection is allowed to be part of the online bandwagon!


But, let’s take a look at a few concerns that people may have when they decide to take their studies online.


Disadvantage 1 : Lack of Interaction

Sometimes, it is true that having that face to face interaction is really important. Being able to ask someone instantly if you find that you do not understand something is extremely helpful to have on hand. If not you might have to wait for them to reply your email or for them to get back to you. This will cause a delay in your studies and it will cause you to become frustrated fast if it can’t be fixed fast.


This will sooner or later cause people to get fed up and just drop off from studying online.


Disadvantage 2 : It Might Result In More Work

Since you will not be in class or meeting people in person, you might have to download a lot more notes and work before actually getting the class started. In addition to that, since they are also online, you will need to read up more before the class since you can’t ask that many questions. And to prove that you have completely mastered the entire module, you might need to show proof that you have read everything even though that might not be necessary sometimes.


Disadvantage 3 : Self-Discipline

As mentioned in our previous article, we know that studying online or attending an online workshop does require a lot of self discipline. However, this is not for everyone. If you are a person who works better when you are in a classroom and you have all the work set out for you, then you would not thrive as much in an online studying institution.


Proactiveness will have to be your number one strength if you decide to study online or attend online workshops.


Disadvantage 4 : Lack Of Input

This might be the biggest disadvantage for you if you decide to study online. When you learn something new or want to improve your knowledge of something, it would be best to try to learn it alongside someone who knows what they are doing. If not, it would take a bit more time to try to understand everything that they are trying to teach you.


Without having someone there to give you input, it might be hard to move on with your work. And this will become a problem in the future especially if the workshop is something more technical.


With the new MBRS tool that was made by SSM, every company will now have to send someone to learn how to properly use the workshop. For now all our workshops are face to face and we are hoping to add online workshops soon! Click here to sign up today!

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