The Benefits and Downfalls of Being A Jack of All Trades

The term “Jack of All Trades” is something that everyone has heard of. However, it has been subject to debate if being a jack of all trades is beneficial or detrimental to an individual. 

Most people would be against being a jack of all trades because there has been a stigma surrounding being a jack of all trades. This is because they feel that you are not able to focus on one specific thing only and that your focus will always be all over the place. However, we do believe that everything and every trait has its pros and cons. So we have broken down the pros and cons of being a jack of all trades in this articl

What is A Jack of All Trades? 

Before we go into the pros and cons, we need to first understand what you need to get called a Jack of All Trades. It basically means someone or an individual that knows how to do a little of everything. This does not mean that they do everything badly but rather, they know a little of everything and enough for them to solve a problem that they might be facing at that time. 

To make it easier to understand, you might be a writer that might know how to program and also be able to draw and paint. You are not amazing at these skills, but you know enough to use these skills more than once. 

If you live in Asia, you might have always heard growing up that you should know what you want to be when you grow up. In addition to that, you might have been told that you need to master that and your whole career should be revolved that one talent that will fuel your job. 

Benefits of Being A Jack of All Trades 

So what are the main benefits of being someone who can do a little of everything? 

Adaptability– You get to take on different kinds of jobs
and be able to continuously work on them
without it causing problems to your daily work.

– You will have a go-getter attitude because
you always want to learn something new. 

– You will sooner or later learn how to fit 
yourself in any situation and thrive.  

Leadership Skills– As a leader, you will need to be able to 
know what to do for your job and also 
have leaderships skills to lead your team. 

– These skills will include communication, 
patience and knowing how to pinpoint 
everyones strengths and weaknesses. 

– You will need to learn how to manage 
upwards to your own managers and also your 
peers and your direct teammates that are 
counting on you. 

The Pitfalls of Being A Jack of All Trades 

Despite how it might seem that it is fun to be able to do everything, there will be some disadvantages to this : 

Burnout– If you work in a startup, you
will understand what a burnout means. 
If you work on too many things at once, you will 
one day become too tired and become exhausted.

– A burnout will happen easily when you work too much
and when you have to work on multiple things at once. 

Perception– The sad reality is that if you are a jack of all trades, 
a lot of people will then look at you as someone who has
not specialised in anything. 

– It might cause problems when you are trying to find 
jobs in the future because you will not be able to 
look for jobs that are specialist related. 

It does depend on you and what you want to do with your life. Being a jack of all trades has its benefits and downfalls and it will be up to you how you balance it. 

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