MBRS eLearning Service

MBRS eLearning Service – After-Training Support for Attendees

Accessing an MBRS eLearning service is a wise move especially if you want to have an effective, fast, and hassle-free filing and submission of your business reports. Malaysian businesses are required to comply with the submission on both financial and non-financial scopes according to the Companies Act 2016, Malaysian Financial Reporting Standards (MFRS), and Malaysian Private Entities Reporting Standards (MPERS).

Submitting your business annual returns, unaudited financial statements, and certificate for private exempt company to SSM is mandatory. Malaysian Business Reporting System is a platform that you can use in order to file and submit the required paperwork and documents online. It will help you skip the long lines and bulks of documents that you need to submit physically if you do not use MBRS.

MBRS eLearning service is important if you want to retain all the important learning and data that you have collated during your training workshop or course. Although it is not mandatory, attending training workshops and seminars is necessary in order to effectively and accurately use the MBRS system or platform.

After-Training Support and Refresher

MBRS support systems are valuable resources because they serve as your guide in continuously using the online platform to file and submit your business reports and paperwork. After-training support and MBRS eLearning service could include numerous features such as FAQs page, hotline, and help center. Resources could range from videos to webinar formats to text coursework.

Why access the eLearning service?

Attendees of MBRS training and workshop could get comprehensive materials at their disposal. However, it could also be overwhelming especially if the coursework is quite loaded or you have other concerns in mind. Remembering the basics of the Malaysian Business Reporting System could be a daunting task but tutoring services could change all that. Now you can absolutely remember and update yourself of the fundamentals of the system without attending the entire seminar all over again.

Overview of MBRS for Beginners

The official launch of the MBRS platform online by Suruhanja Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) last January 2018 marks the beginning of a new trend in the Malaysian entrepreneurial landscape. MBRS eLearning service is now accessible to all participants and preparers of annual reports and financial statements. These professionals need to undergo modules or course trainings where they will learn how to use the MBRS preparation tool (mTool), MBRS portal, and other components.

Benefits of MBRS Training Attendance

Participants of workshops and seminars learn the basics of SSM Taxonomy and the optimization of mTool in order to ensure efficient submission and filing of documents and paperwork. Attendees also learn the ways on how to comply with the filing and submission requirements and in creating XBRL reports and documents. Finance professionals also get updates on KFI submission and validation or rectification of document errors, among many others.

MBRS eLearning service is a resource that could make your work so much faster, easier, and effective. Learn more about the Malaysian Business Reporting System platform and how you can optimize your business reporting today.

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Malaysian Business Reporting System Featured in Astro Awani

The Malaysian Business Reporting System (MBRS) Featured in Astro Awani

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The Malaysian Business Reporting System (MBRS) platform, introduced by SSM, is deemed to be a new dimension of digital storage without the need to print hundreds of pages.

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MBRS Reporting by SSM

MBRS Reporting by SSM

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