MBRS Conversion Service by OMESTI

OMESTI has officially launched its MBRS Conversion services to help clients prepare their Annual Return and Financial Statements for MBRS Filing. The service will help clients outsource their preparation of documents in XBRL format.

MBRS Conversion Service

MBRS Conversion Service is an alternative for companies to prepare their documents through the use of the mTool. You can upload your filing documents directly through the MBRS Conversion portal and an authorized MBRS preparer will help convert your documents into the XBRL/MBRS compliant format which you can upload directly to the mPortal.
The service is provided to all size companies that need to file through MBRS.
You can submit your documents for Annual Return and Financial Statement conversion. An additional Express-Service is also offered at an additional cost. The conversion fee will vary depending on the size and complexity of the company.

MBRS Conversion Benefits

Benefits of MBRS Conversion

The benefits of MBRS Conversion is company secretaries and financial statement preparers won’t have to engage directly with the mTool helping to speed up and streamline the MBRS submission. As soon as the XBRL/MBRS compliant file is received by the client it is ready for upload and submission through the mPortal.

Formis Network Services a part of OMESTI Group have been conducting training in the use of MBRS since August 2018 and have engaged with all size companies through the public and in-house training sessions.

If you are interested in learning more about MBRS Conversion you can find more information about the service here.