Formis Training Next Workshops

In our last article, we showcased some of our past workshops and events. Being certified trainers for the MBRS tool has allowed us to help train and help a lot of teams into ensuring that they are MBRS certified.

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Do You Need A Company Secretary?

When you start your business, you might not know when you need a company secretary. It might seem that you don’t need one when you start the company because you might think that you can do it yourself at first. You might not even know what a company secretary does in the first place.

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3 Skills That Count To Be A Pro Secretary

Being a secretary nowadays isn’t what it used to be. Being a secretary isn’t as simple as we think it is anymore as the modern day secretary has to deal with a whole lot more compared to back then. Your day-to-day does not only include picking up phone calls anymore. In this article, we look at 3 of the main skills we believe you should have to become a pro secretary who is on top of the game in the industry.

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3 Benefits Of Hiring A Corporate Secretary

Deciding to hire a corporate secretary is a big business decision that needs to be made properly. When you think about it, depending on what country your business is operating from, you might be required by law to actually employ a corporate secretary. When running your business, you need to hire good and capable people. If you have the right people working in the key positions, your company will be able to thrive.

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The Top 5 Roles Of Corporate Secretaries In Malaysia

Company Secretaries Role in Malaysia. MBRS Training Malaysia

The responsibilities of corporate secretaries have evolved exponentially in the past few years in Malaysia. They are no more viewed as the admin helpers that they used to be before. Corporate secretaries are now viewed as something extremely important and needed to ensure that the company runs smoothly. Corporate secretaries are now constantly relied upon by the rest of the office and the management.

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What Are EA Forms And How Does It Affect You?


Tax Filing. MBRS Reporting by SSM. Training in Malaysian Business Reporting System

If you have a job or have been employed before, you should have come across this little piece of paper called the EA form. Every time before the tax season comes around, you will see everyone scrambling around the Human Resource teams’ office trying to get their own

For everyone who has no idea what EA forms are, let us break it down for you. 

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The 3 Main Components of A Financial Report

Starting a business is not easy. There are so many things to worry about like hiring, business strategy and the most scary of them all – finances! The finance department is the backbone of the company and is the greatest indicator of all to show you if you are making money or not. Those numbers reported by your finance team should be the main results you look at at the end of every month to see if you’re making money or losing money.