Successfully Implementing A New System at Work

In an office, you will have so many different softwares and programs to make sure that the office can run smoothly. With new programs and softwares, implementation or training for it is super hard and it can usually become a super lengthy process. However, these softwares are usually made to make your life in the office much easier. For example, the new reporting tool by SSM, the Malaysian Business Reporting Tool was made to make everyone’s financial reporting so much easier during tax season.

With MBRS reporting becoming compulsory very soon, we wanted to share some ways to manage through a new software implementation that will help you grow and keep your business in check.


Step One – Explain Why You Need It

People are afraid of change. This becomes a lot more prominent especially in the workplace. So you need to tackle this problem by addressing the reason why you need the new software. You need to explain what the product is about and how it will help with the business. Since a tool like the MBRS requires training to be able to use it, you will need to have a select few of your teammates to go attend the workshop so that they can be prepared for the workshop.


Step Two – Choose Your Team

Once you’ve realised that you need to send some of your teammates to a training workshop or to meet people that will help your company with the new software or program, you need to pick the right people for the job. For example, a software that the MBRS is made to help you easily report your financial reports to SSM as well as reporting things like your EA forms and etc. So the best people to send for these courses are your HR managers, or your finance team.


Make sure you pick the right people so that they will know what’s going on and can help with ensuring that the work is done the right way.


Step Three – Implementation

After you sign your team up for the workshop and after they have attended it, you will need to start implementing it. Make sure that the team that went for the workshop puts whatever they learnt down in writing. This will help in smoothing out the process for the future hires. Always have a standard of procedure because it will ensure that everyone will know how to use the software in the future.


Make sure that the team uses it regularly and gets used to it before the time you need to actually use the software which is usually during tax season.


Step 4 – Reward The Team

To learn something completely new and implement it when you have been doing something for so long is not easy. Especially if you are the first team doing it and you do not really have anyone to ask or rely on when things do not work out. Of course the workshop team will be ensuring that they do their best to answer all your questions, but sometimes programs bug out. So try to just tell the team thank you or bring them out for a simple lunch so that they do not feel that they were forced to learn something new that they do not understand fully.


SSM is going to make MBRS reporting mandatory in stages and it is important for you to start sending your team to the workshop so that you don’t have to scramble for it during tax season which will catch up on you sooner or later!

Here are the dates for the MBRS implementation plan that you should note.


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