4 Advantages of Attending Online Workshops

With the current speed of advancements that we have been enjoying the past few years, studying online has become a norm to us. Back then, you would think that the only way to learn something is to go to school or enrol in classes at a physical place. However, now with the internet, the world has truly become boundless and everyone can access the knowledge that they need from a phone or a laptop. As long as you have an internet connection, you can pretty much get connected to all kinds of platforms.

So, why not learn about the advantages of online workshops or classes in your daily life? You do not need to get a degree to learn online, it could be any type of workshop. Be it a new skill or learning how to be better at handling a new type of software. Learning is continuous and now we have an abundance of knowledge just waiting for us to grasp.


Some of the best advantages of attending an online workshop are :


Advantage 1 : Flexibility

When it comes to your time, you would definitely want to be able to spend it the way you want to spend it. If not, it feels like you are going to be forcing yourself to do something you do not want to do. At the end of the day, being able to study online means that you have the flexibility to do it whenever you want to. You can study according to your own timetable and take a break whenever you want to. Statistically, this has helped a lot of people improve their productivity levels by a lot. Being able to study on the go means that you could be listening or watching a lecture even at 12am or at the gym or right before dinner. That kind of flexibility is extremely important especially nowadays when we are bombarded with a lot of work and distractions.


Advantage 2 : Lower Costs

By attending workshops or seminars online, this removes the fact that the organisers would need to rent a place or pay for accommodation and this will greatly reduce costs. That way your costs for the workshop will also then drop in price as well. Since an online workshop or seminar can be recorded and watched again, this will also drop the price significantly because you would not need to get the instructor all the time. You can save a lot of money just by attending these online seminars.


Advantage 3 : Responsibility

Everything easy will come with a cost. And the cost for this is basically the fact that you would need to learn how to be disciplined and be able to handle your own time. In a country like Malaysia, we have always been in a place where our teachers will really help us and time management was not really a problem. But when you choose to be in charge of your studying or improvement of skills, you will need to know how to manage your time properly so that you have time for everything.

Advantage 4 : Comfort

This is probably the best perk about being able to study or take a course online – comfort. Imagine being in your pajamas and you still get to get your certificates at the end of the day! You would not need to fight traffic, get up at crazy hours or miss family time anymore. In the end, you will tend to appreciate the time spent studying a whole lot more!


With the new MBRS tool, SSM is making sure that we have enough seminars and workshops to ensure everyone knows how to use the tool. If you want to make sure your teammates are well equipped to use the MBRS tool, you can sign up for one of our workshops today while we strive to bring you online MBRS workshops in the near future!

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