MBRS Preparation Tool (mTool) download

To use MBRS you will need to download and install the custom-made preparation tool developed by SSM, mTool. 

SSM will allow the stakeholders to download the MBRS Preparation Tool (mTool) for free with the following purpose:

  1. To allow the public to sufficiently test the elements captured in the mTool displaying the reporting details of the AR, FS or EA;
  2. To allow the public to test and familiarized themselves with the functionalities and capabilities of the free mTool provided by SSM; and
  3. To ensure the public has sufficient time to attend the training programmes organized by SSM.

Download the latest version of mTool by SSM here:
32-bit mTool
64-bit mTool

Please take note that this version of mTool is only for MBRS Training purposes.

If you require assistance, please refer to the following guides:
mTool Installation Guide 
mTool User Manual

MBRS Preparation Tool (mTool)

Features of MBRS Preparation Tool (mTool):

▪ MS Excel add-on application
▪ Form / Template driven
▪ User-friendly data collection
▪ Supports dual language for FS and Reports
▪ Inbuilt Taxonomy Browser
▪ Viewing & printing option available
▪ Offline and Online features
▪ Data imports from Word & XBRL Instance
▪ Data validation and quality checks
▪ Generate XBRL filings
▪ Support Office 2010 & above