Improving Your Business Reporting Skills in 2019

2019 is fast approaching and we are sure that a lot of you will have come up with your 2019 strategies and business goals. If you haven’t, don’t worry, you still have time. 

With better reporting skills you will be able to keep track of all company details and results a lot better like this. However business reporting is a skill that not a lot of people have mastered. We have collected some of the best practices we feel you should use to ensure that your reporting skills become the best that they can be in a short amount of time. 

Organise Everything 

In an organisation, you would need to ensure that every piece of information has a place to go and a way to exploit this information to make the business better. 

In addition to that, when you do work on business reports, you need to have all the correct information. Research needs to be done as you would need to cite the right numbers and info. If you don’t, your report becomes non-reliable. 

Before you even share this information with everyone, you should also organise all the data to be easily understandable by your readers. Ensure that all the numbers and data makes sense. Try to make the numbers easily understood by all members of the team. 

Understand Your Audience 

This might sound a little funny however, it is true when anyone decides to read a piece of work that you have created. Reports are not excused from this either. When you write a report, someone is definitely going to be expected to read the report. If you do not write for the people who are going to read it, they might not fully understand what’s happening. 

If you are going to be writing your report for the finance team, you will know that your report needs to have a lot of numbers and how the budget has worked for the company the past year and etc. If you are writing to the marketing team, then you would need to ensure that you include past marketing efforts as well in the report. 

With these 2 main tips, your business reporting skills will greatly improve. Just know that all the information you look for needs to be relatable and useful to the company and the people you will be sharing this report with. 

In Malaysia, there are so many ways you can create business reports. SSM Malaysia has just released a new reporting tool called the MBRS tool that will help you report your annual returns and a whole lot more. It will soon become a mandatory tool that must be used by every registered business.

To ensure that your team is ready for this amazing upgrade, please make sure that they attend these workshops to get certified today. All the necessary data about using and maximising the Malaysian Business Reporting System are right at your fingertips. Choose the right training provider and get exclusive MBRS tutoring.

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