Hire This Accountant Immediately If They Have These 5 Traits

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Hiring your own company accountant isn’t easy to be done because this person needs to be completely trustworthy because they will be knee deep in all of your company’s finances. We have broken down the best 5 traits that you need to keep a lookout for when you want to hire your company accountant.

This accountant is going to be your teammate and your confidante when it comes to all things finance related. The accountant will be in charge of all of your finances and they will need to be able to give you advice as to what needs to be changed and what needs to be improved.


Trait 1 : Attention To Detail

We put this here at number one because we believe that when it comes to numbers, the biggest trait you need to have is the ability to do your work with impeccable attention to detail. This is a key trait because they work around numbers on a daily basis and if they mess up a few numbers, it could prove to be catastrophic.


Trait  2 : Tip Top Organisation Skills

If the accountant you’re hiring has great organisational skills because your business won’t just have one of two things to keep track of. There are things like your profit and loss sheet, the cash flow, and things like company wages. These accountants need to keep up with all the numbers, data and paperwork every single day. A proper system is needed to ensure that they have all that documents in order and for them to find information easily.


Trait 3 : Client Focus/Empathy

This accountant will be spending a lot of time with you and will also be spending a lot of time going through all the nitty gritty parts of your business. To be able to make the right calls and decisions regarding your finances, they need to be client driven. This basically means that they would need to fully understand you, your company, the industry you’re in and the trends that are going on for that industry. They would need to keep up and be kept in the loop of all things related to your business. This is the only way you can ensure that you have the best fit of an accountant for your company.


Trait 4 : Trustworthiness

This is a no brainer. If they have access to your funds or even if it’s just documents of said funds, you need to be able to trust them 100%. You need to make sure you do a background check before you hire anyone for such a sensitive role. Some people might say that it is overkill, but it will come in handy when you do so. You would not want something bad to happen first before you start putting up any defence mechanisms.


Trait 5 : Extremely Great Communication Skills

This is also something super obvious. If your accountant cannot maintain a great conversation with you and be able to tell you what you need to know about your company, then they might not be the best accountant for you. You need to find someone that can communicate key information with the staff. They would also need to be able to put the information they have gathered in easy slides or documentation to be presented to you and the rest of your team. In addition to that, this accountant would need to be able to have this good communication level with you so that you can tell them what’s needed.


Finding an accountant is hard but you need to also make sure that they have MBRS qualifications. Since SSM has created a better way to report your annual profits and etc. Click here to see how to register for MBRS training or how to get your accountant to sit for the workshop and become certified!

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