Best Apps For Your Business In 2019

When it comes to reporting for your business, you can never have enough. Especially with the new ways of business like startups, you will always have to answer to stakeholders like investors or maybe even your board of directors. Making sure that you have all your numbers in check is very important so that you know what’s going on and can easily answer your stakeholders when you get questioned.

We have listed some of the best reporting apps we think you can start using for your business.

Time Management 

When it comes to managing a company, the most common problem is that we never have enough time to do everything. 24 hours is never enough in a day. So, it is safe to say that time will be your most valuable asset when it comes to your daily work. So here are some of the best time management apps to help you and your team to organise your schedules.


This is an all rounded app that will help you organise everything in your life. It shows you what projects are due. It also makes sure that you get all your tasks in place and in order. It also syncs seamlessly across all devices. Share this with your team and get more things done in a day compared to before.


When you run a team of more than 2 people, things may get messy. Heck, it might even be hard to organise your own schedule so what more other people right? So, being organised is something very important you would need to focus on to ensure that you start 2019 the right way. Here are some of the best organisational apps for you and your business.


Asana is one of the more popular organisational tools that small to medium businesses use. It helps you keep and view tasks and projects whilst also following the progress on each board. You and your team will be able to view each others progress while also sharing documents like notes and minutes.


Evernote is widely known for its elegance and simplicity. It is an app that syncs all of your notes and minutes across multiple devices. It is also free to use, but there are paid features that you can opt for if you want to.


Again, Trello is very well-known in the space of organisation and keeping things together. It is free to use and can be shared with all your team members.

After looking at these apps, it is quite obvious that it will not be easy to keep things organised and sorted when it comes to running a company. This is why we are strongly encouraging you to have a few of these handy so that you can track all the work and the projects that need to get done.

Never just trust your mind. Always write things down and organise them. When it comes to detailed reporting, you will never know how much you wished you had these apps beforehand to make them easier.


Here in Malaysian the Malaysian SSM has just released a new reporting tool called the MBRS tool that will help you report your annual returns and a whole lot more. It will soon become a mandatory tool that must be used by every registered business.

To ensure that your team is ready for this amazing upgrade, please make sure that they attend these workshops to get certified today. All the necessary data about using and maximizing the Malaysian Business Reporting System are right at your fingertips. Choose the right training provider and get exclusive MBRS tutoring

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