Benefits of Hiring A Multi-Tasker For Your Startup

When it comes to successful startups, the most common stories you hear is that everyone is looking to hire the best kind of talent they can. It is true that good talent will truly help when it comes to ensuring that you succeed in making the team grow into something worth investing more time in. But it is also a challenge to find the right people to be put in the right places.

Hiring the right talent means that you need to find the right person to be put in the right place. They need to understand what you do, the company vision and where you want to bring the company. This is especially important for a role in a startup. Most people who have worked in a startup think very differently. They are a lot more outspoken, they have a lot more grit and they are not the biggest fans of following status quo.

We believe that when it comes to hiring for startups, you need to find a different kind of person to be put in that role. Try focusing your recruitment on people who are multi-taskers. Multitasking is a whole new level of talent that not a lot of people have mastered.

Hiring people that can multitask is a very resourceful move and this is because you can then use them in multiple facets of the company. So why is it so good to hire multitaskers? Let’s break it down below

Advantage 1 : Faster and Better Training

When you hire someone that can multitask, they will be operating on a much larger and faster bandwidth when it comes to the way they work. This means that whenever you do need to train them, it will be done a lot faster and they will pick things up on a much swifter rate. Multitaskers will also be able to go for training for a few activities and will be able to work on them when they come back to work, saving you time and money looking for someone else to work on it.

Multitaskers also learn faster, which will also save you time on training sessions. This means that they can also spend that time actually putting what they know into good use in the office.

Advantage 2 : Working Better Not Faster

Sometimes even when someone works faster, they might not be working in the best way. Sometimes, if you know how to properly multi-task, you will be a lot better at managing your workload. A multi-tasker is someone who is good at handling multiple projects and tasks. As an analyser they will be better at working and will be able to find easier solutions to problems that might have been needing a new solution.

Advantage 3 : It Prevents Procrastination

If you know that you have multiple tasks at hand, you will definitely worry about having to finish it all. Therefore, when you are someone that multitasks, then you will be able to always be working on something rather than just sit on one task for an entire week.

As a leader or hiring manager, you need to be able to pick and choose a few multitaskers to help you in your team. You need these guys to work on multiple projects at the same time so that no time is ever wasted.

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