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The Difference Between Business Reporting and Analytics

This is a question that might have plagued many business owners. However, with the growing importance of reporting and analytics, it seems that a lot of people do not know the key differences between the two and they often ask what exactly is the difference between them. In this article, we are looking to try […]

3 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Hire An Accountant

Entrepreneurs are a little different compared to a normal businessman who runs an already established business. Startups pose a vastly different business modal when you compare it to a traditional business. With that, we all know that startups need something a little different to make sure everything works out right.

Malaysian Business Reporting System Featured in Astro Awani

The Malaysian Business Reporting System (MBRS) Featured in Astro Awani More than 600,000 companies in Malaysia will moving forward not have to go to the counter of the Companies Commission of Malaysia, SSM to submit their annual financial statements and annual returns. This is a revolution to financial reporting in Malaysia making the submission framework, faster, […]

3 Benefits Of Hiring A Corporate Secretary

Deciding to hire a corporate secretary is a big business decision that needs to be made properly. When you think about it, depending on what country your business is operating from, you might be required by law to actually employ a corporate secretary. When running your business, you need to hire good and capable people. […]

Top Tips When Hiring Your Business Accountant

If you run your own business, there are already so many things that you need to figure out. This might include things like office rental, business strategies and things like HR policies and the likes of that. The last thing on your mind would probably be having to hire an accountant to clear up the […]