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The Advantages of Outsourcing Your HR Team

The management team might be the main characters in a company but it must be remembered that the Human Resource team is the backbone a company. Great companies can only be built by having a solid team of people managing it. Managing a company isn’t easy as it requires so many different types of people […]

The Disadvantages of Outsourcing Your HR Team

Being the heart of the company, the HR team plays a huge role in maintaining and ensuring that the company stays working the right way at all times. They will handle a lot of complex day-to-day complexities. In our previous article we focused on the advantages of outsourcing your HR team, but in this article […]

What To Expect From Chartered Accountants

Currently in Malaysia, according to the government, we are having a shortage of chartered accountant. A lot of officials are tirelessly trying to convince the younger generation to take up accountancy to help bring the numbers up. We currently have way too many companies and not enough accountants to help these companies.

Reasons Why Your Profit Margins Are Diminishing

When running a business – especially something like , you number one priority will always be profit. Profit will be the bread and butter of your company and if you do not maintain and check with it constantly, it will be the thing that will bring your business down sooner or later.

Formis Past MBRS Events

After being appointed and approved by SSM Malaysia, Formis training have had a few training events that are helping fellow Malaysians fully understand the new Malaysian Business Reporting System.

Do You Need A Company Secretary?

When you start your business, you might not know when you need a company secretary. It might seem that you don’t need one when you start the company because you might think that you can do it yourself at first. You might not even know what a company secretary does in the first place.

3 Skills That Count To Be A Pro Secretary

Being a secretary nowadays isn’t what it used to be. Being a secretary isn’t as simple as we think it is anymore as the modern day secretary has to deal with a whole lot more compared to back then. Your day-to-day does not only include picking up phone calls anymore. In this article, we look […]