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MBRS Conversion Service by OMESTI

OMESTI has officially launched its MBRS Conversion services to help clients prepare their Annual Return and Financial Statements for MBRS Filing. The service will help clients outsource their preparation of documents in XBRL format. MBRS Conversion Service is an alternative for companies to prepare their documents through the use of the mTool. You can upload your […]

Preparing For 2019 Malaysian Tax Season

2019 is upon us and everyone is surely out there celebrating but when we all do come back to work, there is one big thing that happens every year that everyone might dread. That is – tax season. Doing your taxes has always been a hassle and even more so if you are responsible for […]

Are You Ready For 2019?

Another year has just flown by and without realising, 2019 is right around the corner. We hope that you’ve had an eventful 2018. Especially those who own businesses or those who are moving forward in their careers. It’s not easy to juggle so many things at once. 

Our 2018 In A Snapshot

2018 was a great year for us. We have managed to meet so many of you and we were privileged enough to be able to conduct numerous workshops. With the new MBRS that was launched earlier this year, we were really excited to start with our workshops and what a great year it has been. 

3 Business Reports Every Business Needs

Anyone who runs a business knows that you will be dealing with a LOT of paperwork. Things like registration, monthly payrolls and things like invoices and payments every month. Actually, it doesn’t happen just every month, it happens every single day and you will be dealing with a lot paperwork and reports that will keep […]