3 Skills That Count To Be A Pro Secretary

Being a secretary nowadays isn’t what it used to be. Being a secretary isn’t as simple as we think it is anymore as the modern day secretary has to deal with a whole lot more compared to back then. Your day-to-day does not only include picking up phone calls anymore. In this article, we look at 3 of the main skills we believe you should have to become a pro secretary who is on top of the game in the industry.

Skill 1 : Time Management Skills 

Being a secretary requires time management to be one of your best skills. Without this you will not be able to go anywhere in your secretarial career. Great time management skills will definitely help you plan the tasks and activities of your teammates or your boss. If your time management skills are poorly this will cause a lot of problems in the team especially if you are in charge of sorting everyone out.

Imagine if you’re not the best at time management and you accidentally double or triple book the CEO’s meetings? Or what will happen if you forget to send out letters or forget to pay for the bills?

Time management and management in general of all your work in the office is extremely important to have as a company secretary.


Skill 2 : Enhanced Computer Skills 

No company secretary is ever going to be amazing if they do not have superb computer skills. Most of your work will be on a computer and if you do not know how to use Microsoft Office, Google Drive and other peripherals, you will definitely have a hard time keeping up.

Make sure you know whatever is needed when it comes to the computer. Another way you can be sure to stay on top of your game is to improve your typing speeds once in a while.

Take those typing tests to ensure that your speeds keep increasing. This just improves your overall efficiency and you will be able to do more work in a shorter time frame.

Skill 3 : Top Notch Communication Skills

Being a company secretary means that you will sometimes be the glue that brings everyone together. You are also most of the time the information bridge between everyone in the office.

This means that you would need to have really good communication skills and you also need to have the best interpersonal skills so that people feel comfortable conversing with you.

You need to know what to say and when and how to say it so that every party is taken care of. As a professional secretary you will always be in communication with a lot of people and parties. Not only people in your office but people from outside the office. Most of the time they are either really important customers or investors that will appreciate your efficiency and knowledge.


Another great skill every company secretary should have is MBRS reporting skills. Since SSM has implemented that every company should start reporting business reports like annual returns through the MBRS portal, we believe that every secretary should attend the workshop. Click here to register for the workshop and get above all the other companies by ensuring that you know how to use this new tool by the Malaysian government.


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